May 2014

Aug. 2018
PhD, Environmental Science, Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST), University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Livelihoods, land use, and population in pre-colonial sub-Saharan Africa: Advances in the quantification of human-environment interactions over archaeological time-scales.

Thesis director: Prof. Jed O. Kaplan, Defense date: 27 August 2018
Sept. 2007

Nov. 2008
MSc, GIS and Spatial Analysis in Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University College London

Modeling Individual Choice: An agent-based modeling approach to the spread of agriculture in Europe.

Supervisors: Dr. Mark Lake and Prof. Andrew Bevan.
Sept. 2000

May 2005
BA, Anthropology, University of Rhode Island, USA.

Minors: Art History and Underwater Archaeology.

Transfer credits from: American University in Cairo, Egypt; Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, USA; and Green River Community College, Auburn, WA, USA.
July 1999Field school student, Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance and the Western Belize Regional Cave Project, University of New Hampshire and University of Illinois.

Employment history

Jan. 2020 – PresentPostdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Archaeology,
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany.
Sept. 2018 – Dec. 2019SNSF Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellow hosted by the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany.

Funded by SNSF Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellowship project: Early Agricultural Systems in South-East Africa (EAS-SEA, P2LAP2_181452).
October 2018Field Director for MPI-SHH excavations in Southern Zambia (Chundu Farm and Kumadzulo).
June 2018Geoarchaeologist for Geraki Archaeological Project, Geraki, Greece.
April 2018Archaeobotany and database assistant for AECLANUM archaeological project, Naples, Italy.
May 2014 – April 2018PhD student at Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Employed by SNSF funded project: Quantifying the economic and environmental transformation of Africa during the Iron Age (ACACIA, CR10I2_146314). Supervisor: Prof. Jed O. Kaplan
Field seasons 2009 – 2015Survey Director and GIS Specialist for Bir Madhkur Project, Jordan. The George Washington University, DC, USA.

Six field seasons: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015. Lead survey activities, created and maintained of the project’s GIS database, produced maps for reports and presentations, catalogued all items excavated in 2010 excavation season. This was predominantly a survey project that focused on landscape utilization in the hinterland of Petra with some excavations at a late Roman fort and a Nabatean/Early Roman caravan station. Supervisor: Andrew M. Smith, II
Dec. 2012 – Apr. 2014Archaeological GIS Consultant for TCP Hawai‘i, Kailua, HI, USA.

Part-time GPS and GIS support, particularly map production. Supervisor: Chris Monahan
Aug. 2011 – Mar. 2014Archaeologist and Project Manager for Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i, Kailua, HI, USA.

Preparation of compliance level reports and plans (Archaeological Inventory Surveys, Preservation Plans, Burial Treatment Plans, and Monitoring Reports); field work (excavation, survey, monitoring, remote sensing with GPR, ethnographic interviews, and mapping with total station and GPS); supervision, planning, and coordination of field projects, data analysis (using excel and ArcGIS); graphic production (using Illustrator and ArcGIS); and the preparation of NRHP Nomination Forms. Supervisor: Hallett H. Hammatt
Apr. – Aug. 2011Archaeological Field Technician, ACR Consultants, Sheridan, WY, USA.

Seasonal crew job: various survey and shovel-testing projects in Wyoming and southern Montana.
Sept. – Oct. 2010Archaeological Field Technician, Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Kemmerer, WY, USA.

Seasonal crew job: Ruby Pipeline project, excavation of settlement sites in the path of the pipeline.
Apr. – Oct. 2009Historical Consultant, BBC Worldwide Productions, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Research and on-site consulting services for development of historical drama series.
Apr. – June 2009Scoring supervisor, Pearson Performance Scoring Center, Auburn, WA, USA.

Supervised team of scorers to apply a rubric grading system to standardized tests.
April 2008Presenter, National Geographic Channel documentary series ‘Egypt Unwrapped’: Alexander the Great’s Lost Tomb (aired Nov. 2008) and The Real Cleopatra (aired Dec. 2008).
Sept. 2006 – Jun. 2007English and Social Studies Teacher (G3, 6, 7, and 8), International School of Choueifat, Cairo, Egypt.
Mar. 2006 – Jun. 2006Maternity cover (KG1) and substitute teacher (all grades), International School of Choueifat, Cairo, Egypt.